The point of view

In the reinassance by the 15 century, Fillipo Brunelleschi demonstrated the geometrical method of perspective [1]. The perspective consist in a representation of the reality on a flat surface through lines which are drawing from one point to the represented space in the space. This points are called vanishing point, could be one, two or three. While more points you use, more richer the picture is.  

The vanishing point are really point of view, the same in painting the same in writing. In the literature, each narrator tell the story from his point of view, drawing each scene with the perspective that his/her life have given to him/her. 

In these terms, it is difficult to make an opinion to change an art piece of an artist. Each one has a reason to say and a reason to express things in a specific way. Based in this point, I cant change a book. somebody can found it interesting, somebody no… this is my point o view 🙂


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