The segregation is in my/your mind!

The segregation is a natural attitude of all humanity. You would think that I’m justifying a great number of bad actions that the humans have done, as for example the inquisition, the kukusklan, the facism and other kinds of extreme responses. However,   I’m  not justifying the extreme acts where anyone annuls to another person. I am  saying that the reason why people segregate  to other people is natural. The reason is no more than fear. Panic to a new experience. It can be called Neophobia (fear to new things) or Cenophobia (Fear to a new ideas).


Every human being is affraid about something they don’t know well or something or somebody who have a behavior that they can’t predict or control. This fear happens unconscious in the brain. The Amygdala is the main gatekeeper of fear in the human mind [1]. Then, when we get nervous, there is a discharge of responses that are physcally evident.

This biological response of fear can be regulated by means of social education (or brain correction as reward-punishment). This is the work of our parents, schools, Jobs and communitie activities. Despite a great effort, the biological nature win in some cases.

For example, it is common that people conform determined ghettos when ther are indentifying with a music rythm, a sport team, a political view, or a religion. When they find something different, the first reactions is to keep it far away and the reason could be the panic to face an unexpected or uncomfortable situation.

As I told you, I think It is possible to intervene the biology with a new stimulus. That is why today I will train your mind with some questions in a specific field: the people with disabilities. And I want to do this because is the people whom I work for. How would you feel if your kids have to share the same school with a blind or a hearing loss people? Will you have in the deep of your soul any strange feel of discrimination? To realize how the people is segregated by disabilities, One colombian group developed the segregator Project [2]. I left you a video just for thinking about it…

I know It is difficult to live in a body with physical limitations, more difficult live in  a world with many physical barrers but the worst is live in a world of people with a great wall in their mind: human Segregation!!


 [1] John Riehl, Richard Lewis. Human brain is divided on fear and panic. New study contends different areas of brain responsible for external versus internal threats. IowaNow. 2013.

[2] Segregator Project.


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